teaching French and researching learning

Teaching Resources


  • Français intéractif: a free downloadable online first-year French textbook. I hear an updated version is coming soon!

  • Le Littéraire dans le quotidien: another free downloadable online first-year French textbook. I like the way that literature is worked into this book, but it would require significant adaptations if you plan to use it in a French-only context. This work is fully open access, making it a great place to start working on your own materials.

  • France synergies: a site hosted at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. On this site, you’ll find published lesson plans, all ready to take into the classroom. These are usually tried and true, and have been reviewed and edited by experienced French instructors.

  • https://www.facebook.com/groups/FTUSA: a Facebook group for French Teachers. Here, you’ll find a wealth of resources, ranging from ideas for authentic materials to what to do when you can’t get your students motivated. This is one of the best examples of teachers helping teachers that I have ever come across.

  • Ohio Department of Education: lists of authentic and instructional resources for language teachers: a site targeting k-12 language educators. This site contains links to resources for teachers of all languages. It has some overlap with the way that the ACTFL site is set up (proficiency guidelines, approaches to teaching, professional development materials for teachers), but you do not need to pay any membership fees for access.

Resources for teaching in higher ed

  • http://www.pedagogyunbound.com/: a blog on teaching in higher ed. A lecturer from the University of Iowa, shares information on teaching and learning in the higher ed setting. This is useful for strategies in class (like his article on starting every class with a writing prompt) to how to the practical side of how to manage your class (writing better syllabi, setting up hybrid classes, etc.).